The growing use of technology in the care home sector is paramount to driving efficiencies and providing person centred care. This award recognises the most innovative technology suppliers serving the UK care home industry.

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 shortlist includes the following companies:


Last June, CoolCare launched its latest care home management software, CoolCare4.  It is a significant upgrade on its previous software CoolCare3 having enhanced the usability, speed and effectiveness of the programme.  CoolCare is now the only software provider that specialises in care home administration solutions.  Given where funding is in the sector, and the need to protect margins, this is much needed area of expertise.  For other providers, it is often an after-thought or an add-on to care-focussed technology, diminishing its importance to the business needs of the care sector.  CoolCare is now taking the lead on revolutionising efficient care home operations – an easily underestimated but vital contribution to the sector, helping to keep businesses viable.

Nourish Care

Over the last 12 months, Nourish Care has established its new initiative ‘Nourish Analytics’. With the quality and volume of data recorded on their platform daily, Nourish sought to explore how that data stream can help care teams to achieve better outcomes and drive quality improvement. Through Analytics, Nourish has established a platform to simply display large amounts of data. This enables care homes to make better use of their information and to enhance the care they provide, helping to improve operational efficiency, transparency and reduce effort for audit and compliance activities. Nourish also founded the ‘Care Analytics’ forum, to work closely with key clients and explore concepts of what can be achieved through data analytics. This ensures that Nourish Analytics develops in line with their client’s needs and requirements and helps provide a clear focus for improvement. Finally, Nourish is committed to playing a wider role in supporting care homes to realise the power of digital across the sector. The business co-founded the Care Software Providers Association (CASPA), whose core initiatives are to promote the continued growth of digital technologies to improve quality of care; to encourage better information sharing and to create defined standards for electronic information transfer.

Tunstall Healthcare

Tunstall Healthcare has been working with NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other local stakeholders since 2013, when the Quest for Quality in Care Homes programme was first introduced. The programme combines a Multi-Disciplinary Team, telecare and telemonitoring  systems to improve the quality of care and help reduce avoidable hospital activity and GP visits. It aims to: reduce avoidable ambulance call outs, A&E attendances, hospital admissions and GP visits; improve resident/patient care and safety; respond more effectively to urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, falls and fractures; support staff to feel confident in providing high quality care; and improve quality of life for residents.

 Access Group

Access Group has achieved rapid growth, both organically and through acquisition, since the establishment of its health and social care division in 2014. The division first acquired scheduling and rostering system, CareBlox, a key player in the residential space, six months after launch in order to complement its existing PeoplePlanner system. Further acquisitions included care planning systems specialist, Mobizio, two-and-a-half years ago.  In the compliance space, Access added platform provider, C360, in July 2018. Most recently, Access added software business, iCareHealth, to its portfolio in December 2018. As a result of its expansion, Access is now able to offer a comprehensive set of digital services to care providers covering recruitment, screening, HR, rostering, payroll, finance management, billing, care planning, integrated meds and compliance.

 Adaptive IT Solutions

Technology is a never-ending race and Adaptive IT Solutions strives to make sure it is ahead of the curve and identifies the best emerging tech to benefit end users and help meet the challenges they face. The best example of this kind of technology is the CLB Acoustic Monitoring system which monitors sound levels in a resident’s bedroom – when a concerning noise is heard an alert is sent to a central station or handheld device. This is a totally unique product in the UK and solves many of the problems currently encountered by care providers for night time care like disturbing residents unnecessarily and efficient use of staff. One of the biggest developments for the business in the last 12 months has been increasing the end user base for CLB in the UK. Acoustic Monitoring originates from Holland and is widely used in learning disability and elderly residential care, particularly in dementia environments but in Britain it is has still been very much in its infancy. Some forward thinking and visionary early adopters of the technology have provided a fantastic bedrock on which to build and the last 12 months has seen many new schemes open and many more commit to Acoustic Monitoring for upcoming and future new builds in 2020 and beyond.

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