The growing use of technology in the home care sector is paramount to driving operational efficiencies and providing person centred care. This award recognises the most innovative technology suppliers serving the UK domiciliary care industry.

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 shortlist includes the following companies:

Anthropos Digital Care

Anthropos has created a connected care platform to dramatically change the delivery of home care services by helping providers discover, understand, monitor and act upon changes in patterns of behaviour. The platform has three layers – the devices, which continuously monitor the home and provide data; the platform, which analyses the data to report what has happened and provide intelligent actionable insights; and the service layer, supporting the delivery of enhanced care by providers. Athropos works has the ability to link to, and curate, any of the growing number of devices on the market. Earlier this year, Anthropos partnered with Home Instead Senior Care to launch ‘Home Aware’, which uses a range of smart sensors in the home to build a picture of the activities of an older person, such as sleep patterns and frequency of bathroom visits. Anthropos’s said the partnership means that Home Instead teams can understand and act upon these insights and adjust care accordingly, as well as giving family members the reassurance about what is happening to their loved ones when they can’t be there.


CareLineLive offers a home care management system with a focus on helping domiciliary care agencies have more time to care. One significant development that the company has made includes the launch of its Family & Friends Portal, which has helped keep family and friends up to date with their loved one’s care. The company also launched the eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) and Carer Tasks solution earlier this year. With this solution, recurring medication and tasks can be set up easily and the user interface is completely intuitive. This meant its launch was smooth and it has been adopted with minimal disruption to carers’ work and our clients’ visits, CareLineLive said. These developments have resulted in a number of benefits to the business, such as an increase in client satisfaction and increased productivity.


CarePlanner ensures each service user receives the most suitable carer for their needs, preserving continuity of care wherever possible and allowing for the tracking and storage of care notes to enable carers to provide person-centred care. The CarePlanner platform has evolved over the last 12 months to integrate with other solutions to offer a comprehensive care management platform. CarePlanner is no longer simply driving down the cost of managing care directly, but the company is providing the infrastructure and solution framework to empower a growing ecosystem of related services offered by third parties. But even without integration with other solutions, new functionality, such as the eMAR capability, provide a mechanism for care managers and care workers to improve efficiency, avoid mistakes and ultimately deliver better care.

everyLIFE Technologies

everyLIFE’s mission is to build trust in care through innovative technology solutions so that they can see outstanding care being provided by a connected and empowered care community. In the last 12 months, the PASSsystem has undergone rigorous testing, market research and optimisation. The 2018 NPS survey gathered customer insights which made it possible for those developments to happen. This has enabled everyLIFE to add specific features and functions into the road map that the market needs in order to improve business efficiencies, save time, money, ensure accountability and reduce risk. At the same time, the workforce has grown considerably, particularly within engineering. so that the changes in the road map could be delivered within the time frame and reflect the quality expected from any supplier to the sector. This year has also seen the launch of The Care Software Providers Association (CASPA), in partnership with Nourish and Person Centred Software, to provide resources, advice and support to care providers wishing to go digital.

Unique IQ

Unique IQ provides a complete solution for managing a remote care workforce. Over the last 12 months, the company has introduced new methods of administration, changed how tasks are completed to offer a more effective outcome and provided support to thousands of care support workers across the UK domiciliary care industry. This has helped reduce time and cost while improving staff productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately business profit. Its IQ:careplanner and IQ:timecard products offer web-based electronic monitoring and scheduling whilst its mobile app, IQ:timecard MOBILE, enables staff in the field to quickly and easily communicate with office staff without the requirement of manual and paper-based procedures. Several other projects have contributed towards the success of the business over the last 12 months. Its most rewarding achievement was the launch of the Electronic Medication Administration (eMAR) software, which replaces current paper-based MAR charts whilst offering additional aids, such as automatic alerts, real-time status of medication, audit trails, and more.

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