App brings ‘Magic Moments’ to care home residents


Resident Sylvia Heys with the Magic Moments App

A new App that has been purpose-designed for older people is bringing joy to care home residents.

Care home operator brighterkind is offering every resident at its 70 homes their own ‘Magic Moments’ App.

Designed to the group’s specifications, the App enables residents to keep in touch with their loved ones, store music, photos and videos, or simply enjoy games and puzzles.

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“Most residents didn’t know that an App is short for application, or that it’s a software programme, but they are not so interested in the technology so much as what it can do for them and when they understand that, they are enthusiastic about exploring all the functions” said Mel Hayward, Activities Coordinator, at The Granby Care Home.

The App is easy and intuitive to use, with large buttons and large text for messages. It is private to the user and also incorporates security features that mean information and images of children cannot be shared with anyone other than the people connected to the relative.

Residents can see their family at home or on their holidays. In turn, care team members can record residents taking part in different activities and attending events, which they can send to their family.

The App works on computers, tablets and smart phones. Residents can use it on their own devices or use iPads that are provided in the home.


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