BREXIT: Companies awarded medicines contracts as part of ‘no-deal’ preparations


Three companies have been awarded Express Freight Service contracts to deliver medicines and medical products within 24 to 48 hours as part of no-deal Brexit preparations.

The contracts for UPS, DFDS and Biocair, which are part of a £25m service announced by the government in August, will help ensure and patients and care providers have access to medicines and medical products after Brexit.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock said: “This dedicated delivery service will get urgent supplies and short shelf life medicines, like radioisotopes for cancer treatments, rapidly into the country, including by plane where necessary.

“It is just one element of our detailed and robust preparations for Brexit, which includes stockpiling and additional ferry capacity.

“We now have detailed plans in place for every medicine – including those with short shelf lives – to help ensure that the supply of medicines and medical products are uninterrupted through Brexit.”

The new contingency service will support existing plans already in place, including:

  • building buffer stocks of medicines and medical products;
  • changing or clarifying regulatory requirements so that companies can continue to sell their products in the UK if leave without a deal;
  • strengthening the process and resources used to deal with shortages;
  • procurement of additional warehouse capacity; and
  • supporting companies to improve the readiness of their logistics and supply chains to meet the new customs and border requirements for both import and export.

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