Care home handyman causes £3k worth of damage to staff car after new manager is announced


A handyman for a care home in Angus caused £3k worth of damage to a staff car after a new manager once announced for the business, a court has heard.

Blair Thomson was heard shouting and ranting within earshot of residents at Storyville in Kirriemuir, before storming out of the home, and then returning to its car park to smash the windows and bodywork of a car with a two-foot metal pole.

The incident on June 4 occurred after Thomson was told a new manager was to be appointed at the home, where he had worked for around a year.

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The news led Thomson to rant about issues which had occurred with a previous manager, and was wanred by colleagues to ‘calm down’.

He reportedly stormed off, saying ‘I’ll be back for my tools’ and then appeared at a window and began shouting and swearing.

Around 15 minutes later he returned and came face-to-face with the manager, before going into the car park and smashing the windows of a grey Suzuki with the pole.

Thomson put the pole in his car and told police it was there when they arrived at his house soon after having been contacted by the care home.

Thomson pled guilty to behaving in a threatening manner at the care home and wilfully or recklessly damaging the car.

He has also been sacked from his post as a result.

Storyville is operated by Kennedy Care Group.


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