Care home worker who slapped elderly woman given suspended sentence


A carer who slapped and swore at an elderly woman living with dementia has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Sandra Karim was found guilty of the cruel treatment of 84-year-old Sylvia Lyall during her employment at Sycamore Lodge Care Home in Scunthorpe, GrimsbyLive reported.

Ms Lyall, who was immobile, was left bruised following the incident that occurred after midnight on January 13, 2018.

The court heard how Ms Karim slapped Ms Lyall three times on the shoulder while attempting to move her with another carer.

Ms Karim then let go of Ms Lyall while helping her to walk causing her to fall and hit a commode with her left side.

The carer then proceeded to slap Ms Lyall around the face, calling her a “horrible f****** lady!”

The incident came to light after it was reported by the carer accompanying Ms Karim.

Commenting on the carer’s sentencing, Mrs Lyall’s granddaughter Kelly McMullen said: “The violence is disgusting. Her mouth is disgusting, swearing at an elderly lady.”

Ms McMullen praised the care home for bending over backwards in its investigation of Ms Karim.

Ms Lyall’s daughter Judith Allan added: “It was heart breaking when I saw my mum.

“She is still there because the care home is good and the care home has been brilliant about it.”

Ms Karim was given a 15-month suspended prison sentence, a six-month 7pm to 6am curfew and 10 days’ rehabilitation.

CHP has approached Sycamore Lodge for comment.

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