Carer sanctioned for leaving resident on commode for nearly an hour


A former Barchester care worked has been given a 12-month warning after leaving a resident on a commode for almost an hour.

Paula Strathie, who worked at Ochil Care Home in Perth, was given a 12-month warning on her registration following the incident, which took place on January 26, 2018.

In issuing its ruling, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) said Ms Strathie’s fitness to practice was impaired due to misconduct.

During the SSSC hearing last month, Ms Strathie blamed understaffing at the home for the resident’s neglect.

She said: “We only had three carers and one senior for 30 residents. I woke the resident up and asked if she needed the toilet and she said yes, so we stood her up, took her along and put her on the commode.

“Bearing in mind the other carer was on break and the woman didn’t want me standing there, I went in to check five minutes later and she said she wasn’t finished.

“I came out her room and went and served juices in the dining room. The other carer said she was in there for 50 minutes.”

A Barchester spokesperson said: “The privacy and dignity of our residents is of the utmost importance to us. We investigated an allegation of misconduct, raised at Ochil Care Home and then took appropriate actions, in line with our company regulations, by reporting the issue to the relevant regulatory authorities, including the Police, the SSSC and the Care Inspectorate.

“The home was not found to be at fault regarding staffing levels. The staff member in question resigned during the investigation and is no longer employed at the home. The investigation was conducted thoroughly, and we support the SSSC with their conclusive decision.”

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