Caring Homes fined £250 over day visit care errors


Caring Homes Healthcare Group has agreed to apologise and pay a £250 fine following a man’s complaint over failings in his mother’s care.

The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman ruled in favour of a number of complaints over the care of an elderly woman with advanced dementia during her day visits to The Orchard Nursing Home in St Albans.

The Ombudsman found that staff at the home had not properly attached a neck collar required by the woman, who was referred to as Mrs X, on a visit to the home on 28 July 2017, which could have caused serious harm. Caring Homes has agreed to change its practices to avoid a repeat of the incident.

In other upheld complaints, the Ombudsman agreed with a council safeguarding investigation which found that Mrs X’s knees had been jammed under a table due to incorrect positioning.

The Ombudsman also agreed that Mrs X could have been seriously harmed because of staff using a new shower chair without training and also found fault with the home for leaving Mrs X in outdoor clothing indoors.

A spokesperson for the home said: “We are extremely disappointed by the decision of the Ombudsman, which we feel did not fairly consider our responses to Mr X’s allegations, made over two years ago. We sought legal advice to request that the Ombudsman reviews his decision, but do not feel that our challenge was given sufficient attention.

“The health and wellbeing of the people we support is an absolute priority and we always go above and beyond to provide adjustments to our standard practice to make day care visitors feel comfortable. The complaint does not reflect the feedback that we typically receive from residents and family members and the high-quality care and support we pride ourselves on.”

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