Conversation cards help build connections with people living with dementia


Award winning charity Alive has launched a free set of conversation cards to help relatives, friends and carers build connections with people living with dementia.

The cards feature simple questions designed to prompt conversations themed around specific interests such as family, gardening, travel and music.

Alive’s Chief Executive, Simon Bernstein, said: “Academic research shows as little as 10 minutes of meaningful conversation can have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing. Alive is dedicated to improving the lives of older people and we hope this free resource will support loved ones and carers alike to feel close, providing a fun way to share special memories and experiences together when it matters most.”

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Feedback from the initial trials has been overwhelmingly positive with families reporting that the questions “prompted humour, memory-searching, emotion but mostly pleasure and pride”.

Care staff said the cards allowed them to provide better person-centred care and activity, by forming closer relationships and an appreciation of each individual’s rich life.

“They have helped me to find out more information which we have been able to record,” said Activities Coordinator Sally Harper.

“All staff then have access to more information about these residents.”

The cards are available as a free downloadable pdf from the Alive website:


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