Council to urgently investigate elderly man’s treatment at Luton care home


Luton Borough Council has said it is urgently investigating the treatment of an 87-year-old man at a care home.

The council told the widow of Kenneth Savage, a former resident of Runwood Homes’ Mulberry Court, that it would be carrying out an investigation after its inquiry found that he had been the victim of abuse.

Mr Savage was seen by paramedics at the home with bruises on the day before he died in March 2018 (see Widow seeks ‘justice’ after being told her husband was abused at Luton care home).

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Following a meeting with Mr Savage’s widow last week, Adult Social Care Director, Maud O’Leary, told the BBC: “We are conducting an urgent investigation into all aspects of Mr Savage’s treatment at Mulberry Court and hope to receive the findings in the near future.”

A Mulberry Court spokesman said: “We continually work in close partnership with all external agencies and maintain an open and transparent ethos at all times.

“We are keen to see any investigation or review progress in a timely manner and will of course cooperate fully to see this realised.

“Mulberry Court has seen significant change which now must be embedded to see the service return to the high standards we expect.

“We will ensure all required resource is available to maintain and develop the service through close monitoring and enhanced governance.”


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