Countrywide Healthcare sees record sales growth of £4m in 2018


Leading specialist healthcare provider Countrywide Healthcare has reported another year of record sales growth in 2018.

Sales turnover for the Barnsley-based business grew by £4m, or 21% in the year, to more than £21m.

Alastair Kitching, Managing Director, said: “What is most satisfying is that after a great year in 2017 where sales grew by over 20%, we have more than matched that in 2018, the portfolio of customers has increased and we have many more prospects to go after in the next financial year.”

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Online sales for incontinence products also saw significant growth rising to £2.3m.

Finance Director Richard Hannah said: “Our online business is growing month on month which proves there is a real need for incontinence related products in the UK as we experience an ever increasing ageing population.”

Alastair added: “We are in an excellent position to continue to drive Countrywide Healthcare forward, we have cultivated an ethos and culture within the business which rewards hard work and puts the customer at the very centre of everything we do. I am extremely proud of our growth and profitability over recent years, it’s comforting to know that the extra jobs we have created are integral to the regeneration of this part of South Yorkshire.”


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