Cowan Architects and Harrison launch first bespoke premium retirement models


Cowan Architects and Harrison yesterday launched a partnership to develop bespoke models for the 5-star, premium and retirement living sector.

The partnership unveiled at the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo seeks to offer 55s a greater choice of health and well-being, living standards, community and social interaction.

“Whilst these models of older living and care are gaining ground in the US, they are relatively new to the UK” said Nigel Marcoolyn, Director of Architecture for Cowan Architects. “The particular skills of Cowan Architects and our partners will see us at the cutting edge, offering our own versions that cater for all ranges of the older generation, whilst also allowing them to live in the heart of an all-age community.”

The partnership aims to create innovative design solutions that are supported by technology and environments that would rival 5* hotels, but delivered affordably to existing providers, whilst increasing customer demand and revenue.

Cowan said the importance of creating a sense of real community was central to the initiatives, so that there was a strong emphasis on the living experience, including the maintenance of community and social interaction. The healthcare provider in turn benefited from customers enjoying longer, healthier and happier lives, the architect said.

Philip Harrison, Founder of Harrison, added: “This is an exciting partnership with Cowan Architects and Signature Dining to introduce the next phase of assisted living to the UK. The new generation entering the market of assisted care – the baby boomers – have lived very different lives to previous generations and have a higher set of lifestyle expectations. Therefore, developments of the future should deliver on these standards, particularly when creating shared spaces where inter-generational, social communities exist. These are key elements in the creation of this new model.”

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