Delayed report details ‘systematic failings’ at former Bupa care home


A safeguarding report into a former Bupa care home where three workers were jailed for abusing residents has been published followed a two-year delay.

The Safeguarding Adults Review of Beacon Edge investigation, which followed the imprisonment in 2014 of William Bowman, Chevonne Benson and Claire Strong for the ill-treatment of residents, found “systematic failings” in the home’s management.

The investigation into the incidents, which took place in 2013, found almost half of the patients “did not live in a safe, secure or pleasant environment” with at least 15 “harmed and exposed to physical assaults, disrespectful language and behaviour”.

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John Macilwraith, Cumbria County Council’s Executive Director – People, said: “This was a terrible example of the abuse of vulnerable people and the report is clear that the interventions we, along with partners, made at the time were ineffective.

“In the years since these events we have significantly changed and strengthened how we work. Where individuals are intent on abusing vulnerable people it will always be a challenge to prevent it. But I am confident that the measures we now have in place mean vulnerable people are safer.”

Joan Elliott, Managing Director for Bupa Care Services, said: “We’re deeply sorry for the events that took place at Beacon Edge. The behaviour of these individuals was completely unacceptable and isn’t an accurate reflection of the care provided in our homes.

“Since they were suspended and subsequently left in 2013 we’ve made significant changes. We’ve improved our staff training and whistle-blowing process, and now carry out regular unannounced home inspections.”

Beacon Edge was sold by Bupa in October 2017 and subsequently closed as a care home in February 2018.


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