Elderly couple faces separation when care home savings run out


Cedar Lodge

An elderly couple living at a Warwickshire care home are facing the prospect of being separated after spending 70 years together.

Frank Springett, who currently lives at MHA’s Cedar Lodge in Wootton Waven with his Mary, faces the prospect of being transferred to live in a flat on his own by Solihull Council when the families savings run out next year, the Metro reported.

Frank’s daughter Joanne said: “To date we’ve had no funding from Solihull Social Services at all – which we understand because we have money to pay.

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“They’ve said they’ll pay £500 per week towards my mom’s care – but that the family will need to pay a top-up fee of £475 a week. But they won’t pay anything for my dad’s fees because they say he can look after himself. They say he can live in a flat in the community with carers coming into him.”

Joanne said the couple needed the round the clock care provided at Cedar Lodge and were happy and settled there.

A Solihull Council spokesperson said: “We understand that couples who have been married a long-time often wish to stay together when one of them moves into residential care. We respect their right to do so.

“In some situations people decide to fund themselves, and we do our best to make them and their family aware of the financial implications of this. If people’s care needs or financial circumstances change as time passes, we would reassess their situation. We would be happy to meet in person with the family to explain things further.”

An MHA spokesperson added: “Mary and Frank, who have been together for 70 years, are part of our community at Cedar Lodge.  There is no doubt that it would be in their best interests to be able to continue to live their together and we will be working with the family to secure that outcome.  We very much hope that Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is able to come to an arrangement with Frank, Mary and their family to achieve this.”


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