Former Barchester carer sanctioned for being under the influence of alcohol


A former Barchester Healthcare care home worker who turned up for work under the influence of alcohol has been sanctioned by the Scottish watchdog.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found that former employee at Ochil Care Home in Perth, Olivia Clark’s fitness to practice was impaired and placed a warning on her registration for 18 months.

The ruling found that while employed at the home on September 19 2016, Ms Olivia failed to support a resident in getting up when requested, lied about helping a resident to get up, used a mobile phone while on duty and fell asleep while on duty.

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The SSSC also found that Ms Olivia turned up for work under the influence of alcohol on May 23, 2017.

In its ruling, the SSSC said: “Service users have the right to expect that social service workers, in whom they place their trust and confidence, will not behave in a way that would call into question their suitability to work in social services.

“By presenting for work under the influence of alcohol – with a slightly slurred speech and shaking – you caused your colleagues to believe you were unfit for work. Your behaviour placed service users at unnecessary risk of harm.”

A Barchester spokesperson said: “At Ochil care home the safety and wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance. We acted swiftly to involve the relevant authorities and the former member of staff was immediately suspended and dismissed in April 2017 after an internal investigation took place. We would like to thank the staff members who came forward to report the unacceptable behaviour. We respect the decision of the SSSC and offer no further comment at this time.”


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