Former Four Seasons carer pleads guilty to stealing residents’ bank cards


A former Four Seasons carer has pleaded guilty to stealing two residents’ bank cards and going on a spending spree.

Sharon Usher, or Gillan, admitted to taking a 98-year-old and 77-year-old man’s bank cards and using them to obtain goods fraudulently while employed at Havencourt Nursing Home in Stonehaven, the Aberdeen Evening Express reported.

Depute fiscal Christy Ward told Aberdeen Sheriff Court that the 77-year-old man had been admitted to the home for respite care. Ms Gillan, who was working as a senior carer, used his bank card to spend £735.73 at local shops between September 25 and October 3, 2018.

Ms Gillan spent a further £144.27 between November 6 and November 11, 2018 using the 98-year-old man’s bank card.

His family discovered his card had been used fraudulently when checking his online account.

Ms Ward, who noted the banks had refunded the residents’ money, said the home’s manager had suspected Ms Gillan had been the culprit as she “was in financial difficulties”.

A Four Seasons Health Care spokesperson said: “We are fully aware that a former employee of Havencourt Care Home has plead guilty to the theft and use of bank cards from two of our residents. We are extremely disappointed by the actions of this person, who was suspended immediately after the incident and her employment subsequently terminated. As is standard protocol, we have informed the relevant authorities.”

Ms Gillan will be sentenced next month.

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