Former HC-One care worker faces inappropriate behaviour charges


A former HC-One care worker is appearing at a hearing this week charged with allegations of misconduct.

The charges against Christy Jamieson relate to his employment at HC-One’s Merino Court in Greenock in 2016.

They include behaving inappropriately at work and failing to respect the dignity of residents and using derogatory language towards residents and colleagues, handling residents roughly and causing distress, failing to follow correct procedures and being dishonest to his employer.

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An HC-One spokesperson said: “The alleged behaviour of this individual goes against the principles of compassion, kindness and dignity that we pride ourselves on as an organisation and staff team.

“At the time of the incident in 2016, the individual in question was suspended and later left our employment. We have since been working closely with the SSSC on their investigation, and strongly support their SSSC in ensuring care workers in Scotland meet the highest standards.

“Since the incident, Merino Court has twice been rated ‘very good’ by the Care Inspectorate (August 2017; June 2018) underlining that our staff team is committed to delivering the kindest possible care to all of our residents. We also receive regular positive feedback from residents and relatives, with the home being rated 9.7/10 on the independent comparison website,”

The hearing runs until May 10.


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