Four care charities awarded £10,000 from CARE badge initiative


Four care charities have been awarded a combined total of £10,000 by the CARE badge Community Interest Company (CIC)

The four awards of £2,500, which have come from profits from the sale of 90,000 CARE badges, are the first to be issued by the CIC since its launch in June (see CARE badge launches at Residential & Home Care Show).

The CARE badge CIC was formed jointly by everyLIFE Technologies and Care England and, latterly, the National Care Forum with the sole purpose of providing the CARE badge to companies, charities and other organisations.

All profits from the sale of CARE badges are given to care-related charities suggested by care workers and carers and overseen by a CARE badge CIC charity committee.

The first group of successful winners were: Thurrock Carer Services, Thurrock, Essex; Cùram Resource Club, Tiree, Scotland; Sage House Dementia Support, Chichester, West Sussex; and The Care Workers Charity.

CARE badge Board members Martin Green, Robin Batchelor and Liz Jones, said: “The crucial role played by both paid and unpaid carers is often taken for granted due to a lack of awareness and appreciation. As such, it is great to see so many CARE badges now in the community and to be able to financially assist these four well deserving, grass-root charities as a direct result.

“Thank you to our CARE badge Charity Committee volunteers, Sam, Victoria and Shauna for assessing the nominees. Together we look forward to supporting further care-related causes in the future and encourage carers to continue to send us their nominations.”

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