GMB calls for all care staff to be paid the UK Living Wage


The GMB union has called on councils and government to ensure all care staff are paid the new UK Living Wage of £9 per hour and £10.55 in London.

The announcement followed news on Monday that the UK Living Wage and London Wage had rose by 25p and 35p, respectively.

Mick Ainsley, GMB Regional Officer, said: “There are few if any workers in the care industry earning a real living wage.

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“Anecdotal evidence from GMB members suggests that the median hourly rate for care workers in the independent sector is around £8.20 in London and £7.90 outside of London. The government’s National Living Wage won’t reach £9.00 until 2020 at the earliest.”

Mick said the public expected care staff to be treated with dignity, adding it was “nothing short of disgraceful” that a mostly female workforce was being discriminated against.

The Living Wage Foundation announced that there are over 1,500 Living Wage employers and 4,700 across the UK.

“4,700 employers have recognised that they have a duty to recognise their workers, it’s about time our councils and government did the same,” Mick said.

“It’s long overdue that they are recognised.”


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