Government called upon to overhaul care home complaints system


Campaigners are urging the government to grant care home residents stronger powers to complain.

The call came after the Daily Telegraph revealed how the family of a 95-year-old victim of abuse waited four years for compensation.

The audio recordings obtained by the newspaper revealed carers threatening to put soap in the woman’s mouth, calling her a “minger”, “disgusting little reprobate” and “horrible”.

Having been ignored for four years, the Daily Telegraph said the woman’s family had been given a six-figure pay-out and written apology after it got involved in their petition for compensation.

Commenting on the case, former Care Minister, Norman Lamb MP, said: “There are a whole load of horrors that go on in the care sector and public policy needs to be aimed at how you avoid those things happening in the first place.

“In the financial world, the lack of a proper complaints system makes amoral people cavalier about what they do and how they behave, and the same sort of thinking could apply in the care home sector.

“One might hope that also the existence of such a body might act as an incentive to avoid problems in the first place, might have impact of improving quality of care as people would know there would be consequences if things did go wrong.”

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