Government launches largest ever health and care staff engagement exercise


Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock

More than 3 million health and care staff are being invited to take part in the largest engagement exercise in health and care history.

Speaking at Southmead Hospital in Bristol today, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock will launch the massive conversation with health and care staff as part of his pledge to make workforce a key priority.

The Secretary of State will say: “Millions of hard working health and care staff turn up to work every day to meet any challenges tirelessly, with unending compassion. But they don’t just do this for money or other contract benefits. They do it to improve and save the lives of countless strangers, and in return it’s only right that they are valued, supported and developed.

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“It’s time we hear from health and care staff about what they really have to say about the jobs that are at the heart of this country.”

As part of his drive to bring health and care into the 21st century, Mr Hancock is launching a new digital platform called ‘TalkHealthandCare’, which staff can use quickly and easily to post ideas, questions and challenges for Government.

It will be available on phones and tablets, evolving and updating to reflect the views and ideas of staff in real-time. It will also be supported by a swathe of other events, forums, and webinars for staff across the country.

‘TalkHealthandCare’ is centred around five key challenges that health and care employers encounter to ensure that: staff are equipped to do their job: getting the basics right; staff feel safe and secure: working without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence; staff feel included and valued: belonging to an organisation that respects and values everyone’s contribution; staff are developed: having access to the training, development and support staff need; and staff feel empowered: achieving their full potential.

Health and care staff can join the conversation at


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