Home ‘failed to provide safe care and treatment’ to resident who died after fall


Parkside Care Home in St Helens has been ordered to pay £12,453 in fines and costs after failing to provide safe care and treatment to a resident who died during surgery after falling from a bath chair.

The home was fined £3,333 for failing in its duty to provide safe care and treatment to Beatrice Platt and ordered to pay £9,000 towards the cost of the prosecution and a £120 victim surcharge.

Sue Howard, Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, said: “People living in care homes are entitled to be kept safe from harm. Parkside (St Helens) Limited failed in its duty to ensure that care and treatment was provided to Mrs Platt in a safe and timely way.”

The court heard how on October 13, 2015, Mrs Platt had slipped from her bath chair after being moved by a single member of staff in contravention of her care plan which said she had to be moved by a minimum of two people.

The CQC said the home had failed to follow a GP’s advice in sending Mrs Platt for an X-ray after she had injured her knee, instead choosing to provide pain relief.

Parkside was also found to have failed to have fully informed Mrs Platt’s family of the severity of her fall. As a result, it was five days before her family took her to hospital after realising her level of pain.

Mrs Platt sadly suffered a heart attack and died during surgery after being diagnosed with a fractured knee.

Sue added: “Mrs Platt was badly injured while in this provider’s care, and as a result of their failures she was left suffering in pain for five days before eventually receiving medical attention. Sadly, she was never to make a recovery and our sympathy goes out to her family. It is an incident which should not have happened.”

Parkside has been contacted by CHP for comment.

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