Infection outbreak confirmed at scandal hit care home


Dunmurry Manor

A diarrhoea and fever causing bacterial infection outbreak has been confirmed at Runwood Homes’ Dunmurry Manor care home in Northern Ireland.

The home has been the subject of an investigation by the Commissioner for Older People which found “inhuman and degrading” treatment of residents (see UPDATED: Runwood Homes issues apology following “horrific” report findings).

Dr Muhammad Sartaj, Consultant in Health Protection, of the Public Health Agency (PHA), said: “The PHA has been working with this facility following the report of the first case. Public health and infection control advice has been provided and supported with facility visits, more of which will take place this week.”

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Symptoms of the infection include diarrhoea which has a particularly unpleasant smell, stomach cramps, fever, nausea and loss of appetite.

Most people suffering the infection become only mildly ill and then recover fully, with symptoms lasting from a few days to several weeks.

A spokesperson for Runwood Homes NI said: “The resident in question is a c.difficile carrier who is receiving palliative care.  The resident recently suffered an unidentifiable infection which has been closely monitored by medical staff and treated with antibiotics, which have in turn caused the flair-up of c.difficile symptoms.

“The resident is in isolation and her room, and the entire unit, have been disinfected and terminally cleaned. We are working closely with the Public Health Agency NI. This is the only current case of c.difficile at Dunmurry Manor and we are advised by medical experts that we do not need to take any further action. We are releasing this statement with the knowledge and permission of the resident’s family and would ask for sensitivity and consideration for this lady and her loved ones at this difficult time.”


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