Invatech Health launches next generation eMAR product range


Invatech Health has launched its next generation ATLAS eMAR products for safety, accountability and efficiency at local pharmacies.

ATLAS is provided directly to the care home by Invatech with providers able to choose which pharmacy they wish to supply their medicines. The direct link to the pharmacy enables care staff to monitor dispensing status in real-time.

Tariq Muhammad, Invatech Health CEO, said: “We have put all our experience of medicines management in the sector into the development of ATLAS. It not only has all the features that carers and nurses want, but it also provides senior management with the data to evidence outstanding care. The new service model means that care homes can now choose ATLAS as their eMAR and have their supply of medicines from the pharmacy of their choice.”

The ATLAS product range includes:

  • ATLAS PCS – An easy to use hand-held device for safe administration of medicines to residents through barcode validation of medicines at the point of administration
  • ATLAS Central – An online central portal to evidence compliance with all regulatory requirements relating to medicines
  • ATLAS Scorecard – Automatic monitoring of operational performance using data on medicines management
  • ATLAS Insights – Artificial Intelligence applied to clinical data for better care of residents

Research carried out by Cardiff University as part of the Welsh’s Government’s Health Technology and Telehealth Fund found ATLAS improved safety by eradicating 21 out of 23 errors and improved accountability and reduces missing entries by 80%. Invatech said the system saved each care home 65 hours each month.

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