Julie’s car averages over 50,000 miles per year!! The girl values her managers opinions but also likes to ask staff and residents directly to triangulate feedback. Julie’s mantra is ‘hear it, see it, read it’.

Julie doesn’t suffer fools, can be direct with her instructions, but always realises that care quality can only be improved with an inspired and motivated workforce. She encourages straight-forward and honest dialogue, accepts mistakes are human nature, but recognises that repeat mistakes cannot be tolerated where care delivery to vulnerable adults is concerned if her colleagues are to preserve and improve quality of life.

Julie has investigated and collaborated with her colleagues, peers, and local stakeholders to identify opportunities for care quality and customer service improvements. During the past year she has introduced dignity door hangers, hospital transfer holdalls, occupancy incentive schemes, and fun pedometer challenges to encourage all colleagues to walk the floor more often in their homes.

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The care sector is often referred to as a ‘small world’ whereby many colleagues from many companies pursue careers and move companies. Nothing wrong with that at all. Julie is one of those who says she’ll move on “whenever the job is done, but in a business reliant on the goodness of people, my work will never be done”.

Employed for nearly 15-years, Julie has been a constant force in a senior leadership role through a period of organisational change for the company. She has provided supporting for the CEO and all regional managers whilst a managing director and two new operations directors were sought. She has successfully managed Caring Homes’ 62 operations effectively by doing the job of four people over a six-month period during the past 12-months.


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