LaingBuisson launches real-time care home benchmarking and performance database


LaingBuisson CEO Henry Elphick

Leading healthcare market intelligence provider, LaingBuisson, has launched CareMonitor, its new real-time benchmarking database of fundamental quality and safety standards for care homes and care home groups.

CareMonitor offers real-time access to the CQC’s Fundamental Standards of Quality and Safety data in all registered care homes and care home groups. Comprising over 17,000 care home records, CareMonitor allows users to run league tables of providers, benchmark provider portfolios against specific providers as well as the whole market and look at rating trends. These searches can also be exported to JPEG charts and detailed Excel spreadsheets, enabling further analysis of the data.

Henry Elphick, Chief Executive, said: “We believe that CareMonitor will be an invaluable tool for anyone working in or otherwise interested in the care sector, whether as a provider, an investor, commissioner, property developer or consultant, academic, or advisor. Its real-time functionality ensures research, marketing and strategic planning is informed by robust, up-to-date information and offers a one-stop data solution for the care home market.”

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