Liquid product launched to ease pill swallowing


A liquid product designed to make pill swallowing easier for people with dysphagia has been launched.

Med-Easy is designed by Newcastle-based, pharmaceutical company Fagron UK.

General manager Peter Batty said: “Like some of the best ideas, it’s an easy-to-use solution to something that’s affecting very many lives and people’s health.

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“Med-Easy works by wrapping around the medication which means instead of resting on the surface of the tongue it is suspended in the liquid.

“As the patient swallows, the external edges of the liquid flow faster than the centre allowing the tablet and Med-Easy to flow freely down into the oesophagus.”

Med-Easy can be used with medical pills, tablets and liquid-filled capsules, as well as vitamin preparations and food supplements.

Users place the medication on the spoon provided, add 10ml of Med-Easy and then swallow.

Using Med-Easy avoids the need to mix medication with different foods or crushing tablets for people with swallowing difficulties, which reduces its effectiveness.

Pharmacist Shamir Patel, of online pharmacy, said: “Med-Easy should provide real relief to those suffering from the condition, which can have incredibly serious consequences.”



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