Mandy has been a credit to the health and social care since her first position in 1979. She is overly passionate, committed and totally dedicated to improving the profile and standards of social care. 

But what makes her different to other class leading executive managers? Two words: change management. Mandy’s ability to motivate a team to the ultimate benefit of the residents being cared for is unsurpassed. She uses her infectious personality and vast knowledge base to educate, encourage and empower staff teams who are then motivated to roll up their sleeves and provide care with a smile and a warm heart. Her style and approach have enabled her to positively change culture and practice while promoting the benefits of class leading care.

Mandy’s ethos has inspired the Luxurycare journey. Without her emotional investment, the brand as it is today, would be unrecognisable. She has always had the ability to think outside the box and use her vision to manage market changes. A necessary skill for any executive manager. Mandy really is the complete company talisman.

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