Minster Care Group service rapped for lack of leadership


Minster Care Group’s Stansty House in Wrexham has been issued with a non-compliance notice after inspectors found it had no clear leadership and management.

The notice for the home, which provides nursing and dementia care for up to 77 people, came following an inspection in June by Care Inspectorate Wales.

The CIW said the service had no clear leadership and management to ensure staff were employed in sufficient numbers to meet residents’ needs in a timely manner.

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One inspector, who found a resident who was cold to touch, had to request a blanket for them.

Staff were observed taking some residents to bed at 5pm with others who were unclean or in pain struggling to attract attention.

A spokesperson for Stansty House Care Home said: “Following the CIW’s visit in June, immediate action was taken to address all of the shortcomings it identified during its inspection of Stansty House.

“A new manager has been appointed and they have worked closely with our regional management team to improve procedures and communication, and the overall standard of care provided.

“On the day of the visit, there was an unusually high absence rate, which did not give a true reflection of normal staffing levels. We have, however, revamped the staffing structure and employed additional staff to ensure this situation does not re-occur.  All new and existing team members have undergone rigorous training on new procedures.

“We continue to work closely with the local authority to ensure we are delivering the highest standard of care possible. The CIW has also been informed of the actions we have taken and we look forward to welcoming inspectors back in the near future.”



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