Mobile pain relief partnership aims to reduce care home medication


The developer of the UK’s most widely used electronic care planning system, Person Centred Software, is aiming to drive a technological revolution in pain relief for care home residents.

Through its partnership with pain assessment technology specialist, PainChek®, Person Centred Software aims to use the latest smartphone and AI technology to ensure accurate pain relief is administered accurately and reduce unnecessary medication.

Jonathan Papworth, Co-founder and Director of Person Centred Software, said: “For people who are unable to communicate their level of pain, such as those with dementia, the result can be that they display bad behaviour and get angry. Behavioural drugs are commonly used in residential care to address challenging behaviour and most medical professionals believe that they are acting in the best interest of the individual, staff and other residents.

“But without the ability to understand if a person is in pain, that individual may be wrongly diagnosed. In addition, the medications to manage behaviour are normally far more expensive than those used for pain relief. So, if pain medication can resolve the pain and it results in better behaviour, it will improve the individual’s quality of life and benefit everyone involved.”

Using the AI and facial recognition technology in PainChek®, carers can identify the presence and quantify the severity of pain when pain isn’t obvious. The information feeds seamlessly into the intelligent mobile application to deliver a joined-up solution for care providers to monitor pain, at the point of care, in people who are non-verbal.

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