Music and dementia charity hits jackpot with £1.6m National Lottery funding


Music and dementia charity, Playlist for Life, has been awarded £1.6 million in National Lottery funding.

To celebrate the award, Playlist for Life will be promoting ‘Musical Teas’ in communities across the UK in the run up to BBC Music Day on September 26.

Joe Ferns, UK funding director at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “Thanks to the support of National Lottery players, people with loved ones affected by dementia will be given the skills needed to create personalised playlists. We’re proud to support Playlist for Life as they continue to empower family members, care staff and people living with dementia.”

Playlist for Life teaches families and care staff how to create a unique playlist of the soundtrack to a person’s life.

The charity said personal playlists allow others to understand and ‘see’ the whole person with dementia; to stop the feeling of helplessness and bring joy and connection.

The National Lottery award will be used to raise awareness of the power of playlists and extend the existing grassroots network of Playlist for Life community Help Points to 1,500 people across the UK.

Help Points are hosted by existing organisations, such as faith groups, libraries and carers’ centres, and host organisations are given free training and resources to promote the power of music to help dementia.

Playlist for Life was founded in 2013 by the writer and broadcaster, Sally Magnusson, after the death of her mother Mamie, who had the disease.

Sally said: “I founded Playlist for Life to share with other families something we had to discover by accident when caring for my mother: personal music helps dementia. My vision was that if every person with dementia has a unique personal playlist and everyone who loves or cares for them knows how to use it, then we can improve the way we connect and care for people living with this illness.”

“This award from The National Lottery Community Fund brings that vision closer. We are grateful for their faith in us and excited about the work to come.”


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