New care app helps spot the signs of dementia


Technology-focused home care start-up Cera Care has developed its care app to enable carers and family members to track loved ones’ symptoms at the touch of a button.

The app now enables carers to log customers’ records on a daily basis, resulting in quicker diagnosis of ailments such as dementia, due to constant tracking of symptoms.

Paula Bulgarelli, a care provider at Cera Care, said: “The technology that carers use in Cera is very useful for logging in visits, updating care plans, adding reports and message managers in the office. It also makes our job easier and helps us to provide a better quality of care.

“With the app, care is transparent, with reports available to download by healthcare providers and family members making it much easier for us to track customers’ health and symptoms and speed up diagnosis of diseases that can be harder to spot.”

The technology comes as findings of a nationwide study, commissioned by Cera Care, revealed that most Brits don’t know the signs and symptoms of dementia.

More than 2,000 members of the public were shown a number of symptoms and asked to select only the ailments associated with dementia.

Nine out of ten of those involved failed to highlight the correct warning signs, with 34% believing balance problems were a symptom, and an additional 23% believing there to be a link between dementia and sleeping problems.

The study also revealed many misconceptions around the condition, with 82% of respondents believing that dementia is one specific disease, where in actual fact it’s an umbrella term for a number of different ailments.

Seven in ten participants believed that only the elderly can get dementia and 66% said dementia is a normal part of ageing.

Sarah McEwan, head of training and recruitment at Cera Care, said: “It’s a common misconception that some form of dementia is just a normal part of the ageing process, so symptoms are often overlooked, making it harder to treat any underlying causes. Professional evaluation may detect a treatable condition, and even if symptoms suggest dementia early diagnosis allows a person to get the maximum benefit from available treatments.”

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