New platform helps care home providers attract self-funders


A new digital platform is helping care home providers to attract self-funding residents and their families.

With a decade of experience in the self-funding market, Debbie Harris (pictured) and her team at Autumna understand the problem faced by self-funding consumers looking for care homes.

Debbie said: “Information is crucial when you are paying for your care, consumers need to understand what they are paying for, why you are different from your competitors and why you are value for money.”

Autumna answers all of these questions by giving care providers a unique platform to showcase what differentiates their service.  By providing detailed information they are encouraging the consumer to find their home by its availability, nursing specialism, religion, profession, price  – the list goes on.

The search criteria is the result of many hundreds of self-funding case studies and reflects the needs of these consumers across the country.  It helps families find the services that work best for them and generates a semi-qualified lead for the care provider.

Autumna believes this advanced search will also enable consumers to find specialist services that they until now haven’t been able to find online.  Therefore, extending the radius a family will look for care and the pool of available resident to care providers.

Just launched, Autumna is offering care providers an eight-week free trial on the site and a team to help you list your homes profile, just email [email protected] to take up the free trial.

Autumna is a subscription site, it doesn’t and never will take referral fees and you can’t pay more to go to the top of the search results. You get to the top because you are the best match for what a consumer is looking for.  All you need to do is provide the information.

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