Nurse call consoles being silenced in favour of smartphone alerts


GHM Care has launched the Beta version of its Nexus Care smart messaging platform which allows staff to receive alarm notifications from any nurse call system directly to their smartphone.

Many care home groups and individual homes are using the new system which means their staff no longer need to get to a wall mounted console when an alarm is triggered. The consoles can instead be silenced to create a much calmer environment for residents and visitors.

The new version is more user focused, enabling each carer to: select which area or zone of the care home they are working in at any time – they will then only get alerts relevant to that specific zone; select the alert tone, volume or vibrate only for a true silent system; un-accept alerts if they are interrupted on the way to an incident; and message colleagues through a WhatsApp style messaging platform to easily ask for support or advice.

Nexus will connect to any existing nurse call system regardless of its age. Nexus also provides management teams with useful information such as response and clear times broken down by each carer, zone or building.

Simon Hayler, Director of GHM Care, said: “This upgrade puts more control in the hands of each carer so they can operate as efficiently as possible. Care home staff are faced with so many challenges including improving response times, communicating with family members and reacting to alarms from multiple devices. Nexus care is changing the way homes receive nurse call alerts, improving their response times and creating a quieter environment for everybody.


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