Nurse struck off after hitting care home resident


A nurse has been struck off and given an 18 month interim suspension order after hitting a care home resident living with dementia.

Fernando Manito admitting hitting a resident at MHA’s Brookfield Care Home in Oxford in November 2017 after she had allegedly thrown a glass at him causing a cut and bruise to his face.

A Nursing & Midwifery Council panel heard that Mr Manito had hit the resident “really hard” on her head with the top of his hand causing her to be knocked off balance.

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The resident was examined shortly following the incident and found to have no visible marks or bruises.

The panel heard that Mr Manito had not reported the incident and had asked a colleague not to say anything. He admitted the incident the following day and expressed remorse for his actions.

MHA Director of Quality Annie Webber said: “As soon as the care home manager was made aware of the incident he [Mr Manito] was immediately suspended and we conducted a full investigation with the police being informed at the earliest stages. A result of the outcome of this investigation was his dismissal from the organisation.

“Our priority first and foremost is the care, support and upholding the dignity of all our residents. Mr Manito by his actions seriously fell short of our standards and the code of conduct of the Nursing and Midwifery Council which has subsequently resulted in his being struck off. In MHA our priority remains the excellent care and support of residents at Brookfield which is delivered by dedicated, compassionate and qualified staff.”


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