One in four nursing homes failing inspections, research finds


One in four nursing homes are failing CQC inspections, according to data published by the Labour Party.

Labour’s Social Care Minister Barbara Keeley blamed government cuts for the care failure that was worst in the north of England, where one in three homes were underperforming in the analysis of CQC data.

Ms Keeley told The Mirror: “Tory cuts are to blame. Care is facing a deep crisis because of the knock-on effect of the fall in NHS nurses and pitifully low pay in the social care sector, leading to unsafe levels of care.”

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The CQC data revealed that 1,122 nursing homes had failed inspections in England.

The Labour minister said the government “have chosen to balance the books on the backs of our most vulnerable adults by cutting the budgets of councils who provide social care, with devastating consequences for the dignity and safety of cared-for people.

“At the last election, Labour pledged to improve care quality by pledging an additional £8 billion for social care across the Parliament and make sure that all people who need care get a good standard of support whether at home or in a care home.”

The Department of Health and Social Care has been approached by CHP for comment.


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