Residents and staff up in arms over Somerset care home closure


Residents and staff have voiced their anger over the closure of a Somerset care home.

People cared for at Tyndale House in Yeovil, which is run by the Carlauren Group, have been told they have 28 days to find alternative accommodation, the BBC has reported.

Resident Marion Kemble said: “I’m worried sick. I don’t know where I’m going to go.

“I’ve never cried so much in all my life because I’m scared where I’m going to end up.”

Care workers at the 18-bed home said they had worked without pay for the last month.

The staff staged a temporary sit-in at Carlauren’s Yeovil headquarters yesterday to demand unpaid wages.

Carer Owen Towner said: “All they could say was they didn’t know where they could get the money from and if they could pay anything.”

Carlauren Group chief operating officer (COO) Andrew Jamieson said staff had been paid a third of the money owed them with the remainder to follow over the coming week.

The COO said the company had been forced into the home’s closure due to cash flow problems.

The challenges facing care home providers in Somerset were highlighted in last month’s BBC Panorama expose, Crisis in Care.

Somerset County Council and Carlauren Group have been contacted by CHP for further comment.

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