Safe Steps app reduces falls in over 100 care homes


A new app that has cuts falls by a third in over a 100 care homes could be rolled out across the UK.

Safe Steps, a preventative digital risk assessment app that costs £100 per care home, is being licenced to Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The app is expected to provide a 500% return on investment (RoI) per area by preventing the cost of falls and hospital admissions.

“The return on investment modelling is based on the fact that a serious fall will cost the NHS and social care authorities on average £7,500,” Lee Omar, co-founder of Safe Steps, told The Sunday Telegraph.

“This covers costs such as ambulance callouts, A&E attendance, hip fractures, ongoing rehab, physio and adult social care costs.

“If we helped save £100,000 of falls related health care costs, and the Safe Steps licence had cost that area £20,000, then this has generated a 5:1 RoI.”

Safe Steps measures a patients’ vision, environment and medication and prompts carers to regularly check up on patients at risk of falls.

Falls cost the healthcare system more than £2.3bn per year, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).


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