Sir Andrew Dilnot repeats calls for cap on elderly care costs


Former Government advisor Sir Andrew Dilnot has said ministers have a “moral duty” to introduce a cap on elderly care costs.

Sir Andrew told The Telegraph it was “silly” for the Government to argue reforms were unaffordable.

“There is a moral duty; we are letting people down in social care,” he said.

“I think we need to pool the risk and that means putting a cap in place.”

Sir Andrew’s comments came after Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the Prime Minister last week that a £100,000 care cap could cost £3.4bn and mean significant tax rises.

The Prime Minister has suggested the Social Care Green Paper, which is expected in the coming weeks, should introduce a cap on care costs.

Sir Andrew’s report on social care, which was commissioned by the government in 2011, recommended a £35,000 cap.

Commenting on the Health Secretary’s remarks, Sir Andrew said the funding required for social care was “small” in terms of the country’s total spending.

He said the Government could increase taxes or cut some pensioner benefits to pay for the cap.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told CHP: “The Government is committed to publishing a Green Paper at the earliest opportunity, setting out proposals for reform to ensure the social care system is sustainable in the long-term.”

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