STATE OF CARE: CQC highlights barriers to technology adoption in social care


Five key barriers to the adoption of technology in adult social care have been highlighted by the CQC.

In its the latest State of Care report, the CQC said innovation and technology were making inroads into care delivery but highlighted a number of challenges to the adoption of technology.

The challenges included: a lack of funding to invest in technology, particularly for smaller providers; low knowledge and awareness of technology among staff and providers; fears that technology could replace personal support; the perception that people who use adult social care are not interested or respond badly to technology; and concerns about ethical or data protection implications in adopting technology that uses personal information, or GPS and surveillance techniques.

The report also highlighted organisations views that technology should not replace human support and has to be tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

On the positive side, the CQC noted that it had seen technology being used to support staff and improve care delivery.

The report highlighted how electronic recording systems made it easier to access people’s care plans and free up staff time to focus on the people they support.

An inspector also noted that electronic care plans also made it easier to involved people in their own care as staff can sit with them and look through their care plans and add selfies or photos.

The CQC also highlighted the important role of social media in recruitment. Social media and online communication platforms are being encouraged by providers to help residents connect with loved ones and participate in family life, the CQC noted.

“As people’s familiarity and expectations of technology increases, we are seeing greater use of digital services, such as virtual assistants, tablets and apps to improve people’s quality of life,” the CQC said.

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