The Importance of Sharing Best Practice   


A Person Centred Software and NCF event in March helped share best practice globally. Person Centred Software founder and director Jonathan Papworth tells more.

I am passionate about driving outstanding care in residential care homes – and technology is one way to do this. Investing in technology can be challenging, but the possibilities are enormous to ensure that the people receiving the care and support, are at the heart of care.

In March, I led an event with Vic Rayner and the NCF to share best practice globally. Australian SAGE tour delegates were joined by UK care home owners and managers and we discussed how the landscape of care technology will change in the next few years and the policy drivers for adoption in both countries.

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From April, Australia’s inspectorate will move to measuring quality of care, like the CQC already does in the UK. Providers from both countries saw that technology was necessary to gather the data needed to measure quality of care, which can be quite intangible. As someone said: “It can be hard to record everything on paper, let alone analyse it!”

Providers shared their best practice and the technology they use to improve quality of care and outcomes for the people they support. These included electronic evidence of care; medication management; acoustic monitoring; assistive technology to increase independence; and future-proofing buildings for technology.

Understanding what technology other organisations are investing in, and why, is incredibly important. You can then invest in the technology that’s right for your organisation, and fundamentally, the people that you care for.

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