Walden Care and WCS Care join the Care Innovation Hub


Walden Care and WCS Care have joined Home Instead and Hallmark Care Homes as the founding partners of the Care Innovation Hub.

The Hub, which is a platform for current and future social care leaders seeking to transform the sector, is the body behind the Care Innovation Challenge (CIC), a competition designed to provide new ideas and solutions for social care.

Christine Asbury, Chief Executive at WCS Care, (pictured with Director of Innovation and Development, Ed Russell), said: ”Being innovative is about leadership and people. It requires passion and creativity from everyone; something that WCS Care continues to achieve in our own homes, so I’m delighted that we’ve been invited to partner with the Care Innovation Hub and bring over 25 years of learning with us.

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”Our own Innovation Hub in Kenilworth has welcomed over 600 visitors – including MPs, health services and other care home groups – over the last two years, clearly demonstrating the appetite and passion the sector has for finding new ways of delivering high quality care.

“We’re looking forward to working alongside other sector leaders to find solutions that enhance the experience of living in a care setting.”

Gavin Reid, joint CEO of Walden Care, added: “I am truly excited to become a founding partner of the Care Innovation Hub. The concept of bringing all those ideas, with the capability to not only improve the sector but to really make a change to people’s lives is an incredible opportunity to be involved in. As a company that places a large emphasis on the research and development of ideas, this was a partnership that we feel will bring real benefits to not only those that live with us but those that work with us as well. We cannot wait to get going.”

Entrepreneurs will be presenting their ideas at the CIC on July 5-7 with the final taking place on August 14 at the Department of Health and Social Care.

Please visit www.careinnovationhub.org/apply-now to download the application form and return it to [email protected].


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