Care home told to improve for sixth time


A Shaw healthcare care home in Horsham, West Sussex has received its sixth consecutive Requires Improvement from the CQC.

Mill River Lodge was told to improve once again by the regulator following an inspection in July.

The CQC said: “Although it was evident that some improvements had been made and the provider was in the process of implementing and embedding these, improvements made were not sufficient. There has been a failure to make enough, sustained changes to improve people’s experiences.”

The regulator cited “on-going themes” amongst the providers other services within the Sussex area in relation to MCA and DoLS, time-specific medicines management and modified diets. It commended Shaw healthcare for acting to ensure lessons had been learned from this and implementing specific training to increase staff awareness, as well as introducing systems and processes to minimise potential risks. However, the report added there was a lack of oversight and monitoring of improvements made, commenting that these needed to be embedded in practice. The report also highlighted people requiring modified diets being given high risk foods that increased their risk of choking.

Mike Smith, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are disappointed with the rating. Additional training has been delivered to address areas that required support and more is scheduled to ensure we continue on our path of improvement. We are pleased to see that the inspection notes reflect improvements and we intend to continue on that trajectory until we achieve a Good rating in the near future.

“Our plans have been shared with West Sussex County Council and the CQC, and we endeavour to provide a better service for our service users and families.”

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