Conservative MP calls for insurance system to fund social care


Conservative MP Damian Green has called for the introduction of an insurance system to fund social care.

The MP for Ashford, who was a key ally of former Prime Minister Theresa May, told LBC he did not support an increase in general taxation, arguing those who could afford it should take out insurance policies to fund their care.

Mr Green said: “We all accept there has to be more money to go into the system. You can pay it just out of general taxation and say it’s all free, but that means that people who are currently taxpayers will have to pay towards their own care at the end of life but also they’ll instantly start paying for the older generation’s care as well.”

As an alternative, the Tory MP argued there should be “some kind of insurance system so that those who can afford to take out an insurance policy should be encouraged to do so”.

Mr Green has previously called for the adoption of a state pension model for social care.

In their General Election manifesto, the Conservatives pledged an additional £1bn each year for adult social care, as well as a commitment to seeking a cross-party consensus on long term reform, adding that “nobody needing care should be forced to sell their home to pay for it”.

Following the Conservatives’ decisive victory in last week’s General Election, a spokesperson for the Department for Health and Social Care said: “We are determined to find a long-term solution to the challenges in social care to ensure every person is treated with dignity and offered the security they deserve. We believe the right approach is to build cross-party consensus as we move forward and will outline next steps shortly.”


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