CQC restricts admissions to police probe home


The CQC has restricted new admissions to a Sussex care home under police investigation.

The Laurels is among a number of Sussex Health Care (SHC) services being investigated by police over 13 deaths between April 2015 and June 2017 (see Woman arrested in Sussex Health Care probe).

A recent inspection by the CQC found that residents with challenging behaviour had regularly attacked themselves, staff and other residents (see Residents and staff were regularly attacked at police probe home).

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Deborah Ivanova, the CQC’s deputy chief inspector of adult social care in the south, said: “We have told the provider on a number of occasions where improvements are required. Their responses and actions were not effective enough to ensure the safety of the people in the care and this has led us to take the actions we have.  In this instance we have restricted admissions to the service to give Sussex Health Care time and capacity to improve the care to the required standard.

“In response to our concerns Sussex Health Care has temporarily closed Aspen Lodge, one unit of The Laurels.

“I understand people will be concerned, but our first priority is always the welfare of the people who are living at the service. We will be working closely with other stakeholders to monitor improvements at The Laurels.”

An SHC spokesman said: “The CQC has announced nothing new about The Laurels. The actions it refers to have already been implemented over the past few months, including the decision to restrict admissions. In addition, we are reporting monthly to the CQC on our progress. Our utmost priority at all times has been to provide the highest quality care and support.

“We have been proactive and constructive in working with the CQC to implement the conditions and changes they previously identified in their report. Today’s statement from the CQC contains nothing that is not already being actioned.”

Residents at SHC’s Horncastle House were told to leave immediately earlier this month after it was shut down by the CQC (see Residents told to leave immediately after care home shut down).


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