Cross-party committee calls for social care premium



A cross-party committee of MPs has called for the introduction of a social care premium to ensure a sustainable funding solution for adult social care.

The Housing, Communities and Local Government and Health and Social Care Committees joint report says a premium for the over 40s should be paid into a dedicated not for profit social insurance fund.

Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, said: “We can no longer delay finding a fair and sustainable settlement for social care. Too many people are being left without the care and support they need and it is time for decisions to be made about how the costs are shared.

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“This report from MPs across the political spectrum also draws on the informed views of a Citizens’ Assembly in setting out our recommendations to government. Doing nothing cannot be an option.”

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, said: “The inquiry identifies the substantial funding gap and recognises that it needs to be made up now with an immediate cash injection.  If the government can find the funds for the NHS, we believe that social care should have an equal opportunity.  Given the intrinsic link between health and social care it is nonsensical to resource one without the other.”

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, added: “This report goes a long way towards bringing together a framework for the long term funding of social care and crucially recognises the need to bring together solutions that address the long term care of both older and working age adults. It recognises that the system we currently have is not adequately supporting the needs of our current population, never mind the emerging needs of future generations.”

Head of Public Affairs for The Salvation Army, Dr Helen Cameron, welcomed the report as a “step in the right direction”.


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