FUTURE OF CARE: ‘The future will come from us,’ Care England CEO tells conference


Speaking at the Future of Care conference yesterday, Care England CEO Martin Green said social care solutions would come within the sector and not from Government.

Speaking at the event at The King’s Fund in Cavendish Square, Martin said the sector had been failed time and again by successive Governments.

“The solution to the future of social care will not come through a Green Paper,” Martin said.

“The future of care is going to come from us.”

Martin said the current system was “broken” and not delivering for citizens, adding health and social care were beset by a “silo mentality at every level”.

The Care England CEO urged providers to counter silo mentalities by building partnerships across the system and “focus on people who will work with us”.

He also urged organisations to start to align their measures of success.

“We need to fund the outcome and not the activity,” he stressed.

“We need to focus on how we enable people to live well.”

Martin urged the sector to embrace technology to ensure it had a viable future.

Hitting out at the sector’s detractors, he highlighted how social care was the most important part of the economy in many areas, providing jobs and spending power for local residents.

“Let’s see social care’s contribution in the round,” Martin said.

The Care England chief urged financially stressed care homes to diversify their services offered to the local community in order to thrive, highlighting how day centres offered valuable new income streams for the sector.

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