New Care appoints wellbeing assistant at Chester care home


Lynne Jarvis-Hughes has been appointed wellbeing assistant at New Care’s Grosvenor Manor in Chester.

In her new position, Lynne will support and assist Grosvenor Manor’s wellbeing coordinator, Lisa Forth, to plan and deliver an exciting and stimulating programme of day-to-day events and activities for the care home residents.

“I have visited many homes in my work as a qualified podiatrist and think Grosvenor Manor is one of the most wonderful care centres in Chester,” Lynn said.

“I am delighted to join the team and aspire to work closely with Lisa to perform my new role to the best of my abilities, ultimately making a real difference for our residents and enabling them to live a more fulfilled life.”

New Care said Lynne and Lisa would ensure Grosvenor Manor’s weekly programme of events was fun and engaging and provided each resident with a better quality of life, a sense of purpose and something to look forward to each day.

Prior to joining New Care, Lynne visited Grosvenor Manor on a regular basis as the home’s podiatrist.  Over recent visits, she learned about Grosvenor Manor’s leading wellbeing programme and jumped at the chance to apply for the wellbeing assistant role when it was announced.

Lynne holds a BSc in Podiatry from Salford University and will continue to provide podiatry services alongside her new role.  She also has a diploma in Reflexology and an NVQ Level 3 in Care.

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