New service launches to guide people on how to fund care solutions


A new dedicated service has launched that aims to address the challenges faced by self-funders.

Encompass Living is designed to provide the support and information to guide, aid and assist people who fund their own care.

Recent headline reports have highlighted the case of 89-year-old Ronald King, a dementia sufferer who walked into his wife’s care home and shot her dead with a service revolver.

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Mr King was a prime example of someone who was disadvantaged by having over £23,250 of assets, the service claims.

Mr King, whose wife was also suffering from Dementia, failed to receive any assessment care or guidance for his situation.

Like many people his age, Mr King fell into the trap of assets which became an albatross, says Encompass.

A review following the case exposed that a failure to carry out a face-to-face assessment with Mr King could have prevented the tragedy.

There is an aging population and an increasing amount of vulnerable people fall out of the social care system because they are not a self-funder.

The service said that many people, either elderly, or the children of elderly and at-risk people, who are self-funders, have “no idea where to turn” for information, or find there is a stigma related to going to a council for social care support and guidance.

Encompass Living is a new service designed to empower people to make decisions, receive the right information, and ensure they are assisted to make the right choices to maintain independence.

Whether it is with the help and support of dom-care services, live-in-care or telecare, moving to an assisted living home or entering a care home, Encompass Living aims to help people decide on the right support service to meet their needs.


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