Person Centred Software joins call for better oral care in care homes


Person Centred Software has joined the call for the delivery of better oral care in care homes.

The call follows a report by the CQC last month revealing significant failings in oral health care in care homes.

Andrew Coles, Head of Product Management at Person Centred Software, said: “The findings of CQC’s report are shocking but not unexpected. We introduced our oral care tools last year based on industry expertise that oral care needed far more attention.

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“Since launch, 70% of care homes using Mobile Care Monitoring have completed oral health assessments, which shows a high level of compliance. By working closely with our customers and industry experts, we ensure that the tools in Mobile Care Monitoring are up to date and in line with industry best practice. This means that care professionals can provide the best quality of care and support to residents, to maintain their wellbeing in all areas of life.”

Person Centred Software launched oral care tools in its Mobile Care Monitoring electronic planning system in compliance NICE guidelines in June 2018.

The system’s features include planned care for support with oral hygiene and dentures, personal preferences to provide personalised support, recording care notes for denture support and a comprehensive Oral Health Assessment in line with industry best practice. The Oral Health Assessment can also be made mandatory so oral health is not forgotten as part of the admission process and ongoing review.


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